Our Vision

Innovating the Way Brands are Built

With our solutions and products we help companies from different industries to communicate more successfully with their clients and to improve their brand positioning. With one clear aim: business growth for our clients.


Our Vision

Innovating the Way Brands are Built


The world is constantly changing and consumers have more power than ever before. They decide when and how to come into contact with companies, their products and with advertisements. Whether to like, share and buy or ignore them completely. And consumers are just at the very beginning of discovering their new power and independence.

That’s why companies have to find new, contemporary ways of positioning and arranging their brands. And thereby creating a consistent dialogue between brand and consumer. Only then do consumers become “brand lovers”.

That this relationship works for your success is our claim, this is our vision. Discovering new paths through innovation, new thinking and new actions – leaving permanent marks in a dramatically changed media environment.


Our Values

Our values define us. They build the foundation of our daily actions and decisions. And they connect us – beyond our agencies’ limits and beyond frontiers.



Courage for change to make innovation happen. Passion for something new to always be creative. Blazing new trails with our partners.


Aiming high. Making demands. Never losing focus. Setting high standards.


For team members. For motivated employees. For our clients’ success. For social responsibility.


Collaboration on all levels. Our agencies for our clients. Our regions for our know-how-exchange.


Flexible in thinking and acting. On the pulse of the digital era. One step ahead.


Dentsu Aegis Network Croatia

We link. 5 agencies. Media and technology. Data and creation. Convergent.

Dentsu Aegis Network has been present in the Croatian market for almost 25 years, since 1992 when it was founded as Carat Zagreb.
Today we are one of the leading international marketing groups in the country. Since the early beginnings of digital advertising we are focused on the development of knowledge and experience on digital channels and technology. This has made us the leading experts in the field of digital marketing.

We link. 5 agencies. Media and technology. Data and creation. Convergent.

Our group consists of Carat and Vizeum as full-service media agencies, IQ mobile as experts for mobile solutions and digital agency iProspect as a Search & Performance agency. Moreover, Dentsu Aegis acts as the holding company with its specialist unit amnet for Programmatic Planning & Buying.

5 agencies
77,5 kn millions billing in 2014
9 countries – 1 hub
  • the programmatic platform for real-time-advertising
  • Media & Communications – the agency for Redefining Media
  • Driving Digital Performance and Search
  • the Mobile Marketing Experts
  • Media & Communications – the agency with Connections that Count
  • Business Intelligence & Data Management

Hub for Adriatics

Dentsu Aegis Croatia is part of Dentsu Aegis' Central-European region, headquartered in Vienna. As a hub it supports all operations within the Adriatic region (Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia).




Know-how through regional exchange.


Independent Carat & Vizeum offices since 2015. iProspect & IQ mobile act through Vienna and have local experts at operation in Croatia for the Adriatic region.

Dentsu Aegis Network Croatia: Supporting convergence in Adriatics.
For Croatia, please contact: Sanja.Buterin@carat.com

Dentsu Aegis Network Croatia Zagreb

Carat has been working in Slovenia since 1992 (cooperation with an affiliate partner). Carat Ljubljana has been 100% owned by Carat Austria and is part of the global Dentsu Aegis Network. To have immediate access to relevant market expertise, media owner and buying volume, a partnership was launched with Media Publikum, the strongest media agency with 27,6% market share, in 2005.

€142 Million turnover. #1 Ranking (Recma 2013, combined Carat & Media Publikum). +25% growth of Carat clients (Recma 2013).
13 team members incl. 4 digital specialists.
#1 Buying leader with 27,6% market share. 12% turnover in digital & convergent field.
Contact: Marinela.Ristic@carat.com

Carat Slovenia – No.1 Buying Partner Ljubljana

Carat has been working in Serbia since 2005 (cooperation with an affiliate partner). Carat Belgrade is 100% owned by Carat Austria and is part of the global Dentsu Aegis Network. To have immediate access to relevant market expertise, media owner and buying volume, a partnership was launched with Media House in 2005.

€16 Million turnover. #4 Ranking (Recma 2013, combined Carat & Media House). +20% growth of Carat Clients (Recma 2013). 7 team members incl. 2 digital specialists. 10% turnover in digital & convergent field, above market average.
Contact: Tilen.Klaric@carat.com

Carat Serbia – Strong growth proves right set up Belgrade

Sarajevo: Carat Austria entered into an affiliation with Media Publikum d.o.o. Sarajevo in January 2015. Skopje: Media House has been Carat's partner on the territory of Albania, Kosovo & Macedonia since 2006. Cremaco: Carat's partner in Montenegro since 2009.

Contact for Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro: Sanja.Buterin@carat.com



Dentsu Aegis Network – succeeding worldwide

We link. Tradition with innovation. Experience with inspiration. Media with data. Creation with technology.

The international Dentsu Aegis Network, headquartered in London, came into being in March 2014 with the merging of Aegis Media and Asia’s biggest advertising agency Dentsu Inc. (founded in 1901), the third largest creative agency worldwide and Japan’s number 1.

Dentsu Aegis Network:

  • successful with 30,000 employees in more than 145 countries
  • represented by 9 global brands – Carat, Dentsu, Dentsu Media, iProspect, Isobar, mcgarrybowen, MKTG, Posterscope and Vizeum
  • supported by the multi-market brands amnet, Amplifi, Data2Decisions, Mitchell Communications (PR), psLIVE and 360i
(HQ of dentsu inc: tokyo)

Japan network





Dentsu Inc.


According to Recma, Dentsu Inc. together with Dentsu is ranked among the leading agency networks in Western Europe and Asia, in the USA it is the fastest growing network. Among the largest global clients you can find Toyota, Honda, Shiseido, Canon, Sony or Suntory.

In the Gunn Report’s “Most Awarded Agencies in the World” ranking, Dentsu Inc. is ranked second, as well as in the global list for “Most Awarded Agencies in Digital”. Moreover, the Honda-campaign “Sound of Honda – Ayrton Senna” was chosen as the most-awarded campaign and as the most-awarded digital ad.

Our team

People… Innovating the Way Brands are Built


Exceptional people. Outstanding performance. For our clients’ success.


Communication – the most exciting industry there is. And actually the most important one for a company because: What isn’t communication nowadays?

In the media business for 15 years and since 2005 in the Dentsu-group. As CEO of Dentsu Austria responsible for the regional services of Dentsu Central (Austria, Switzerland & Adriatics).
Started as Managing Director of Carat Austria & Carat Adriatics, also as MD of Isobar. Between 2008 and 2010 responsible for the setup of Aegis Media in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Previously: business management studies and positions in different industries.
Contact: andreas.weiss@dentsuaegis.com

Andreas Weiss, CEO Central Austria, Switzerland & Adriatics

Sanja Buterin, Managin Director Carat Zagreb

"Redefining Media" is our slogan for Carat. But to me this is not just a distant vision, but an absolute necessity for an impressive and effective campaign.

Managing Carat Zagreb since 2015.

Twenty years of experience (e.g. as Marketing Director) with different international brands such as Volkswagen Group, Nokia and Mercedes-Benz.

Contact: sanja.buterin@carat.com

Sanja Buterin Managing Director Carat Zagreb

Vjekoslav Srednoselec, Senior Communication Consultant Digital

Digital is a cornerstone to true business value.

As Head of iProspect for the Adriatic region, Vjekoslav is part of the team since 2015.

Prior to that, he gathered eight years of experience in creative and media agencies.

Contact: vjeko.srednoselec@iprospect.com

Vjekoslav Srednoselec Head of iProspect Adriatics